Trip to Pachuca, Hidalgo

Arrived on 28 Feb, Thu. Left on 1 Mar, Fri

There’s 31 states and Distrito Federal in Mexico (so, I guess you can say 32 states). One of which is Hidalgo and the largest city is Pachuca. It was Pachuca thatI visited this time round. More importantly, it’s to visit Steve, a cool English guy I met in Mexico City. He’s teaching in this exclusive school for rich brats in Pachuca.

Anyhow, the highlight of my trip was Cristo Rey (which translates to Christ the King). It’s this huge statute of Jesus Christ on a mountain top. You can see Cristo Rey from most places in Pachuca. On the second day of my trip, I decided to pay Mr Christ a visit. My original plan is to walk my way to Mr Christ, not unlike a pilgrimage. Just to be on the safe side, I asked this family of three how I can get up there. They said that it’s very far, one should take a shared van (called combis in Pachuca) which are available somewhere in front of a market that they specified. I reached the market and asked two men who was hanging out near the shared vans the specific van to be taken. They mentioned I should take the van round the corner instead. Or I can opt to take a taxi. And that it’s impossible to walk all the way to Mr Christ. It’s insanely far.

I went to the corner. Didn’t find any shared vans there. I doubted my Spanish listening ability. I was rethinking about visiting Mr Christ. I didn’t want to use my limited Spanish again and to be confused about directions. I wandered around for 15 minutes or so. Maybe I should go to an internet cafe to while the time away. Or do some more walking. Eventually, for some reason unknown to me, I resolved to visit Cristo Rey. I asked THREE more persons for directions on where to take the shared vans. Therefore, I asked a total of five persons in order to get to the van and visit Mr Christ. Here are the photos:





I realised something from that morning. In life, we may face obstacles in our quest for something. These obstacles are testing you. It’s a test of how much you truly desire something. For those who are willing to settle for something lesser (not that it’s a bad thing), you fall away from your quest and do something else. For those who are determined, step by step you must proceed and progress towards the object of your desires. Sometimes, you take a few steps back along the way. But if you are determined, help may be on the way and eventually, with time, you get what you want.


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