Observations on life in Mexico City (Part 1)

This is a collection of thoughts about Mexico City gathered over time.

3 rules of living in Mexico City by a dear friend of mine

  1. Never trust ANY Mexicans
  2. Only when they pour out their hearts to you, can you take 30% of their words seriously.
  3. The concept for time is a bit different. In normal cases, multiply the waiting time by a factor of 10 e.g. “I will be there in 5 minutes” = “I will be there in 50 minutes” (5 minutes x factor of 10).

On love relationships
Mexican relationships, be it love or friendship, are characterised by their unmistakable “full of drama” nature. Anecdotal evidence confirms it – which will be another post, if I get to it. A conversation with two Mexicans last night further confirms it. An example supplied by one of my Mexican friends: “You didn’t talk to me last night. What is happening with you? Don’t you love me anymore? Are you seeing someone else? Do you want a breakup? *phone line was cut off*” The recipient i.e. my friend feels sad and hurt, recovers and reconciles with his love”. Accordingly to him, such drama may occur on a daily basis. According to my other Mexican friend, a (love) relationship without (such) drama is bland and not exactly a relationship.

Apparently, the concept of dating or being in a relationship in Mexico, excluding marriage, has changed over time. No surprises here. Someone in their late 30s or 40s define a relationship sin marriage as “sex, sharing of lives including problems, family, etc, spending time together doing activities of interest to both parties, commitment”. According to a 18 year old, a relationship sin marriage as “sex”. Essentially, the Mexican youngsters nowadays believe that a relationship is essentially friends with benefits / amigos con derechos.

Amongst the slightly older folks say mid 20s to mid 30s (I’m guessing here), there’s also the concept of “lovers” and “boyfriends and girlfriends” which are different from each other. The former is essentially a friends with benefits situation. The latter, the former + commitment. I know I’m getting vague here. I will see if I can expound on this with more input from my Mexican friends… Which also means that it’s time to work on my Spanish language course again, so that I can understand them better.

Love is in the air…
3 personal anecdotes:

Story #1) I was standing in front of a female immigration officer at the airport. She was quizzing me on my purpose of stay in Mexico, where the hell was my student visa (or the lack of it), the size of my bank account, whether I am into Mexican chicks. And at the end of the interrogation, she commented “Hey, there’s an immigration officer over there who’s single. Are you interested?”

Story #2) I was at this cultural centre in my neighbourhood, asking this woman about the courses that they offer. We were talking about the presence of Japanese, Koreans and Chinese in Mexico City and their Spanish language abilities, my stay in Mexico, the concept of being on time in Mexico, the enormous pool of Mexicans (that are available are dating) and she asked “Since you may be here for a long time, why not get for yourself a Mexican?”.

Story #3) I was at this club, attempting to dance. A friendly Mexican chat with me for a bit. Later on, he was thoroughly engrossed with making out with someone. All right, just kissing, but very earnestly and 100% focused on the activity. When they stopped to get a breather, I asked him “That’s your lover?”. He replied “No, as I have yet to pop the question. But perhaps, tomorrow, we will be.” 😉

A friend said that she saw a man rubbing or foddering his wife / lover / girlfriend’s breast(s) in the metro. Just last night, I saw a couple doing some “humping exercise” in a metrobus station. Perhaps, it’s just some Yoga classes that they took. Kids as young as their early 10s are kissing everywhere. For that matter, Mexicans of all ages are kissing everywhere (in public). I daresay their lungs are extremely healthy, from their daily kissing marathons. Seriously.

I hope to cover the following topics in Part 2 of this post. Stay tuned.

  • On food and water
  • On “aprovechar”
  • On salaries
  • On beggars
  • On buildings
  • On favours amongst friends
  • On the outgoingness of Mexicans

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