A Skype conversation

What follows is a portion of a conversation that I had with a very good friend of mine over Skype today:

[Friend] And I respect you for giving it all up to be in Mexico.

[me] I’m an idiot. But if the clock was to turn around, I would still have chosen Mexico. Those 3.5 years in Bermuda and Mexico beat over 25 years in Singapore.

[Friend] Amen!

[me] Actually the 5 – 6 months in Mexico surpasses all that I have experienced in Singapore. If I’m really unhappy in Australia after say 3 months or so, I can always return to Mexico, right? The people here are really different. As in the Latinos. They love dramas. Without dramas in their lives, it’s a life not worth living.

[ Friend] They cannot put their d*** away.

[me] Not just that. The women. The men. Everybody. Their mentality. They are very group inclusive as well. Very people oriented. Actually, that’s the perceived reason for me wanting to study Spanish. No regrets here. Actually, after these 5 -6 months in Mexico, I can safely say that I have not lived in vain.

[Friend] That’s what you want.

[me] Apart from providing my family with monies, and doing some miscellaneous bucket list items, I can die tomorrow without regrets. I even went for a tai chi class, something which I have been wanting to do for years.

Postscript: Thank you Mexico. I wouldn’t have traded you for anything else in the world. It’s funny how sentimental one can be when there’s a possibility of one’s departure (from a country).


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