Freezing in Sydney… but Mexicans keeping me warm…

I am in bed under the warm comforts of my blue-white blanket that I brought from Mexico City. There’s a story to this blue-white blanket…

It was my second week in Mexico City. I was at Soriana, a hypermart, looking for a blanket as the nights were very chilly in December. I found a big fluffy comforter that’s marked down to about 250 pesos. A saleswoman saw me walking by her while hugging the comforter. She asked what I was looking for. I said I have got what I needed – a blanket to keep me warm. She said the comforter in my hands doesn’t keep one warm and the material doesn’t trap warmth. She then said “Let me show you something else” and brought me to another section of the hypermart. she showed me this flurry looking blanket that cost about 400 peso. I liked it but not the price and said that it’s too big for one person. I asked whether there’s something smaller. She brought me to another section and there’s something that’s going for 170 peso.

Right now as I am typing this post, I am under this 170 peso blanket in the cold winter of Sydney. I say, it’s the heart of the Mexican saleswoman who keeps me warm. Otherwise, I would have ended up with big fluffy comforter and still be freezing my ass off. Thank you, my Mexican seniorita.


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