I hate you, Sydney

Note: this post contains extreme negativity. Proceed at your own risk.

I fucking hate this fucking bloody place.

Place. Which fucking bloody place?

This fucking bloody place of course.

Which one?

This one. This one that’s called Sydney, Australia.

I choose Australia over Mexico. All in the name of being safe.  I know that I’m not heading back to Singapore (at all). Not even for retirement as I have absolutely nothing to retire on (since I only worked there for 3 years). And if Mexico doesn’t pan out, there’s still Australia who can provide me with health insurance and dole if really need be. That’s the only reason why I chose Australia over Mexico. To be perfectly honest.

I drank last night. And tonight again. This place is fuckingly depressing.

Look on the bright side.

Or look at the poor and hungry in say Ethiopia or Haiti. You are so much better off than them. You have health. There’s no political sanction against you. You are free to practise your religion. What the fuck are your complaining about? You have a 2 months contract job that will be starting. What the fucking fuck are you discontent about? Hasn’t your time in Mexico taught you about living in the present?

Oh yes, I am living in the present. And I am feeling awfully depressed now. Okay, not clinically depressed.

2 years* here and scoot out after that.

2 years…

* Readers, Australian Permanent Residents do not have infinite travel rights to leave Australia and return to Australia as an Australian Permanent Resident (otherwise, I would leave right now and return to Australia when I wish to retire). For every 2 years of living in Australia, you get up to 5 years to travel overseas. This means that once you have lived 2 years in Australia as a PR, you can travel/work overseas for 5 years. On the very last day of the 5 year period, you HAVE to enter Australia. To work/travel overseas, you have to live in Australia for another 2 years. The above is the most straight-forward case. The above does not constitute as advice. As always, consult your migration agent.


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