But you don’t like bars do you?

I was setting up my bank account in a bank in Chinatown. The person assisting me is a Chinese, who was from Hong Kong and has been residing in Australia for 20 over years.

We were making small talk. I said that I am looking for a more permanent place to move to. He recommended Pyrmont to me. I asked whether there are bars and etc in the neighbourhood. He asked me “Do you like bars?” I think I replied defensively “No…” He looked me and spoke to me in this “You are new here. I know what’s best for you” tone – “Exactly. Pyrmont is very residential. There’s two bars. But that’s Australian culture. You have bars everywhere. The neighbourhood is very safe. I live there and I strongly recommend it to you.”

Great. It is precisely the kind of place that I wouldn’t want to live in. It sounds residential… in other words, too peaceful for me. I wished that I had the guts to say “Yes! Even though I hardly go to bars, I fucking love bars!”

I also think that I had just been sterotyped. That Asians or Singaporeans do not like bars. Hell, you should ask BCA about my drinking “incidents”… haha. 😉

P.S. I will be moving to Newtown, a place with tons of restaurants, bars, a bar with drag shows (or so I heard), tattoo and piercing studios, (and tons of bookstores too), etc. Yeah. Just lovin’ it.

P.S.2 Incidentally, Newtown is perfectly safe.


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