Telling my loved ones and friends how much I love them

A Youtube video on giving compliments to people that you love / expressing yourself to people that you love. Cool idea. Anyway, I have to get to writing my expressions for my loved ones, starting with my sister:

Huiling – you are a fine woman. Very sensible for your age – maybe it’s what you went through when you took care of popo. We who wanted her to live on despite people around us. Having to look for a maid at the age of 23 years old. It’s a great feat that you went through, sis. Very proud of you. Understanding – what I do may not always make sense to you, but you are willing to consider how important it is for me. I wouldn’t exchange you for another sister. True, we may not see eye to eye on certain things, and you are not the perfect sister, if there’s ever such a thing. But I don’t need a perfect sister because I already have you.

(To be continued)


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