Random thoughts – career

“It’s not me who is practical. It’s the world that is practical”. My aunt said that to me, in response to my plan to quit my job in Singapore to join the London office and to start all over again. Anyhow, my supervisor and the admin manager in Ernst & Young Singapore just ignored my request to join Ernst & Young London. And I didn’t pursue it. So, I was with Ernst & Young Singapore for 3 years.

Number 1 life/career changing direction incident:
I was talking to my dad. He learnt that I am in Temasek polytechnic studying hospitality management. For some reason, he kinda freaked out. And told me that I should change gear and go to junior college instead. Also, he insisted that I call an “auntie” (in Singapore, you call women who are in their 30s to 50s “aunties”). I called and got a somewhat trashing from a woman that I do not know that I should quit the polytechnic course and return to junior college. After that scathing call, I laid on my bed for hours and thought about my future. I thought about what I want to be – a teacher. And yes, a junior college education rather than polytechnic education will lead me there. I quit Temasek Polytechnic after one semester and enrolled in St. Andrew Junior College. The rest is history.

Number 2 life/career changing direction incident (potentially):
I called my mum several days ago. She had asked my sister to pass on the message 1.5 weeks ago. She was kinda furious, asking me why did it take me such a long time to call her? Anyway, she asked when I’m returning to Singapore. To which I replied “I have no idea”. She then said that she consulted a medium / fortune teller / ? who said that my career destiny is bad. I was born on a day where things do not borne well for my career for the rest of my life. My sister’s is much better, more stable. Mum wants me to return to Singapore for a ritual to improve my career luck. To which I replied “No. I do not believe in such things as I am a Christian”. Mum also mentioned that my career is prone to going up and down. As in, I will do well, then return to a lower position, do well, then return to a lower position, etc. She said which parent would want to worry about their kids’ career and their ability to live a comfortable life in their graves?

The last part resonates with me. In fact, I read a book which talks about your destiny based on a poker card which is based on your date of birth. The description of the poker card which was assigned to me commented strongly on my career. As in, 1/4 of the 2 pages are allocated to talking about my career. It said that I have strong tendencies to change from job to job because I am like a kid in a candy store, fascinated by all the candies in the store (this is very true. I have fantasised of being a doctor, chiropractor, a surgeon, a tax lawyer, owner of my own accounting firm, trader, investor, tax accountant, internal audit director, psychologist, counselor, tai chi master, swimming instructor, school principal, piano teacher, music therapist, and more and more). The best approach for me is to choose one regardless of my fascination with everything, and work hard at the chosen one. The careers that I tend to do well usually involve travel and creativity. I had consciously chosen to remain in audit based on the above.

So, to give up the Australian PR if I get an audit manager position overseas?


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