Questions of the week and happenings

Let’s go back to basics:
1. Who are you?
2. What makes you happy?

The above two questions were posed to me by Maylin. This fascinating, wonderful, and all-the-good-stuff woman that I met for lunch and hot chocolate today. It’s our first meeting after a previous meetup meeting. Yes, the first meeting and we discussed the big questions of life and some finer details of our lives. I thoroughly enjoyed myself.

Another question posed to me: Do you really need the Australian PR?

Regular readers of my blog may start to find that this blog chronicles my thoughts. Which is how I think many times – I think by writing things down.

Oh and the mundane stuff of this week:

  1. I started work this week. First week was training. And one of the facilitators has a very intriguing and attract voice and accent. I couldn’t concentrate on the material. And yes, I’m a sucker for beautiful voices.
  2. Highlight of the week is what others thought of me when I was in Singapore – “That I recall, when mentioning that I was working with you, some people went “Oh. He’s odd isn’t he.” Something along those lines. I looked at them and said nothing. I thought you were quirky and a breath of fresh air”. – Pep
  3. Went for the Spanish meetup and left after 45 minutes or so. I was exhausted from the training and body was aching after
  4. Indoor rock climbing on Tuesday. I signed up for a 6 lessons class with University of Sydney. Amazing experience and I sprained my ankle … my buddy kinda dropped me onto the floor.
  5. Went for Friday drinks with my new colleagues.
  6. Found out that there’s quite a few Ernst & Young ex-colleagues in PwC Sydney.
  7. Went out for lunch with Kavi from E&Y Bermuda. Great chat.
  8. It has been perpetually raining in Sydney. Ran in the rain yesterday after my ankle has sufficiently healed.
  9. Met up with Pieter and his son, Daniel. Very cool. Daniel was smoking his own rolled-up cigarettes. Works in the library on a part-time basis and is supported by the government. And he lives on the same street in Newtown that I’m moving to!
  10. I’m moving to my room on next Tuesday. Hip hip hurray!

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