Can’t sleep

I can’t sleep. Woke up at 3am. Woken up by my thoughts.


I am a changed person after the time that I spent in mexico. The magical place where everyday is a day of adventure. The place that lits up my eyes when I talk about it (at least for now).

I fear I am losing the spark. That I am back to an ordinary life, back in Singapore. Sure, I will get used to being normal and ordinary. To live a life which I busied to fill it with activities to make it interesting but feels empty. It doesn’t sound logical, does it.

“Australia is the place for me. It’s safe and a developed country. It has excellent healthcare which I am entitled to. And the government supports you when you are out of a job. Jobs pay well here. The AUD currency is strong. It is so difficult to get an Australian PR now. People are vying to get it.”. This is the soundtrack that keeps playing in my mind. Perhaps, if I keep listening to it for months or years, I will believe in how lucky I am. I just need to try harder.

Wait, the three adjectives to describe Singapore are clean, green and safe. Sounds similar to Australia, doesn’t it?


2 thoughts on “Can’t sleep”

  1. I’ll not be ignorant and fall into a conclusion about the cultural intolerance and vapid western lifestyle of Australia, just from a feew forums that say so. People in their articles often write about australians not showing enough cordiality or are conceited with their sense of superiority. I’d like to rather be forthright than subtle and like to know your disposition on this.
    Also since i am young, i’d very much like to know about the youth culture in Australia and the music scene going.

    1. Hi Adarsh, I think a country means different things to a person due to different backgrounds, perspectives, etc. What matters is not what I think but rather what you think/feel. You have to experience Australia and Australians for yourself. It may be a case of you being addicted to all things Aussie!

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