There’s a leak somewhere…

There’s a leak somewhere… where the hell is it?

Energy leak. I am frequently tired, talks fucking slowly according to MS1 (stands for Mystery Sydney 1, a very good friend that I have made in Sydney. For purposes of anonymity). Anyway MS1 mentioned that I lacked vitality. Hmmm.

Where’s my good best friend – Google? One of the search results came back with Anyhow, to summarise the web article, the causes of fatigue can be divided into medical and emotional. Going on the presumption that I am a healthy young man, that leaves us with emotional causes. I hereby extract the illuminating passage from the above extract for your reading enjoyment:

Underlying emotional causes of fatigue
People often feel most energized and alive when they’re doing something they consider of value and importance. How connected they feel to other people and to processes that give meaning to their lives are also important aspects to consider when they’re feeling invigorated.

Do you feel that you’re making a difference in the world? Are you doing things that you believe are of value to yourself, your family and the world? Answering these questions is difficult but may get to the root cause of fatigue. If you’re feeling disconnected from sources of personal power, then you’re not likely to be able to sustain a high level of energy. If your relationships are out of balance, they’ll drain your energy rather than recharge you.

Likewise, if you’re bored or feel burdened with too many tasks that seem overwhelming or without meaning, you’ll likely feel trapped. It’s common to feel tired, edgy and unfulfilled when your days are taken up with tasks that you find limiting rather than empowering. Modern life can easily become too complex and dissociated from many aspects of your basic human nature. When you find yourself doing things because someone else has told you it’s required to do so, it may not be something that adds to your personal strength and energy. Running endless errands, seeking to be perfect at lawn care and housecleaning, and fulfilling every obligation that’s thrust upon you can often leave you with an empty feeling.

Sometimes, fatigue is a form of procrastination. If you’re convinced that you’re too tired, then you won’t have to face the pile of papers you don’t want to address, or you won’t have to attend a social obligation that you find stressful. Examining your deeper feelings — either on your own, with your closest friends, or even with a counselor — can help you understand the root problem that’s causing your fatigue. Quiet time, contemplative prayer and communion with nature can all help you slow down enough to hear your inner voice.

Grasping what in life connects you to your personal sources of power and fulfillment allows you to get closer to these sources. Simplifying your life by walking away from complex and meaningless materialism helps you get closer to your personal center. When you connect with inner values and can share this joy with those you love, then you’re more likely to feel engaged and maintain a higher level of energy on a day-to-day basis.

If you find yourself without as much energy as you would like to have on most days, then take a good hard look at how you organize your time. You may find that, gradually, you can restructure your days to include more things you look forward to — things that you enjoy getting up in the morning to do. When that happens, you’ll likely be in better health and have energy that will spill over into every aspect of your life. You’ll invigorate those around you and create a positive cycle in which your good energy boosts their outlook and their good energy boosts yours.

The above passage is crammed with excessive food for thought. Pondering time!


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