The joy of travelling

My housemate is a cool dude. His ambition in life / dream is to be a hostel owner. And to put that into practice, he cleaned up the entire kitchen and the bathroom himself on last Sunday. I wondered whether I was in the right house when I stepped out of my room – which leads directly into the living room and then the kitchen. Oh yes, did I mentioned that he’s a great cook as well? He did curry chicken and vege rice for me on Sunday. Wow, am I not the luckiest bastard on earth? There’s so many reason to put that idiotic grin on my face.

Anyhow, I was talking to Zhang Qi earlier. About travelling and about Mexico. All right, I know I sound like a broken gramophone – I keep harping on Mexico, don’t I? Anyway, here’s why I love travelling:

  • I love getting lost. And having to read tiny maps on Lonely Planet or some other guide books.
  • Practising my awkward newly acquired Cambodian, Turkish, God-knows-what-language on poor local victims
  • Going to supermarkets and having a blast at buying stuff
  • Gawking or looking discretely at beautiful people…and of course, what they wear. (point in check – I find that people in Sydney do tend to be dressed more stylish than say Singapore)
  • Not having to work… and waking up based on your body clock
  • Taking walks in your neighbourhood which you just moved in…
  • and discovering bakery shops, provision shops which sell beer (and you get a rebate from trading in your old used bottles)
  • Figuring out the metro / train system (I was giddy with pleasure when I cracked the NYC train system)
  • Being asked “Aren’t you a New Yorker?” at a budget shoe warehouse in NYC…
  • Using an outdated travel guide which was borrowed from the library and … checked in a hostel / hospedaje where the toilet smells so bad so so bad that I walked 10 minutes to the one where I had dinner a night before just to use their bathroom…
  • And of course, meeting other travellers and talking to them
  • Experiencing different cultures first hand, instead of from a book / articles
  • Am a practising cultural anthrologist when travelling
  • Realising and confirming that human beings are human beings no matter where you go
  • Your heartware and brainware gets upgraded to another version after each trip
  • Try as much as you can – you are never the same person again

I could go on and on. Like tasting different water in different countries. Different skyscape – you can see pretty much the stars in Sydney and Bermuda compared to Singapore. And so on so on. Oh, don’t I love to travel!



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