Michael whoever +1 like


I was supposed to sleep. But am too lazy to sleep (is that an oxymoron?). Am procrastinating on reading up on a company. Thoughts rolled in my mind. And the conversation with my housemate that I have had.

“What don’t you like about Australia?”
“The people”.
“Yeah. The people sucks (or something to that effect).” (P.S. my housemate is an Australian)

I wanted to write something on his Facebook page “Hey dude. You just won an award. First Australian liked by Joseph Hong”. Not that he wants to be liked. But the message I wanted to convey is: I haven’t met a lot of Australians that I sincerely like, with all honesty and stripped of all PC. Wait. Maybe Michael got a second. He wasn’t the first Australian that I liked. There’s xyz (I have forgottten her name) from Queenland whom I met in Cambodia. She works(ed) in a farm.

I remembered having a conversation about Australians with Stephen from the UK (Manchester) in Mexico. He hasn’t met an Australian that he liked either.

Nor Pep, who has some comments on their accent. I have acclimatised to their accent some weeks ago. Incidentally, there was this Australian man who owns a boutique recruitment firm. I went for an interview with him. At some point in time along the interview, he leaned towards me and boomed at me, with every single word suddenly terribly articulated “Do you have trouble understanding my accent?” “Yeah, I can understand you perfectly” (why wouldn’t I?).

On accents. It is terribly irritating and insulting when (ignorant) people ask me “Oh, you actually speak very good English. How did you manage it?” “(silence)” A stranger (American) pointing at a vacant chair that’s next to me, doing a charade of whether he can take it away. Common. Everyone speaks with an accent. An English accent. An Australian accent. An American accent. The lists goes on. Okay. English is my first language, the one that I’m most comfortable with. But I don’t sound like it? Okay, fuck you. I don’t really care. I suppose that it’s incomprehensible that the first language of most Singaporeans is English and quite a lot of them did the UK’s A Level and O Level exams and scored 3 As and 4As, grades that qualify them to some of the very best unis in the world? Hmmm. Maybe I’m thinking too highly of my fellow Singaporeans. Maybe indeed.

Anyway, back to Australians. I met a Colombian at the Spanish meetup yesterday. He described Australians as “fria” – Spanish for cold. I was tossing in my bed just now, as mentioned. His words resurrected in my mind, along with Stephen’s, Joyce’s, my housemates and Pep’s. I couldn’t shake them off. Maybe it’s just my friends and my born-and-bred in Australia housemate. There’s something wrong with us. How can anyone not love an Australian? Especially one who is concerned about your physical appearance, the accent that you have, the school that you go to, the neighbourhood that you live in, the crowd that you hang out with, the number of properties that you have, etc.

Anyway, Michael whoever (my housemate whom I’m lazy as of now to get his last name from Facebook) +1 like. And because there might be more Michaels around, I remain hopeful that there’s still hope for my feeble existence in Australia. I’m not leaving this country so soon (in response to the haters’s standard line “If you don’t like this country, just get out”.

!Viva Mexico! (totally random)


5 thoughts on “Michael whoever +1 like”

  1. Hahaha, this is so funny. Yes I’ve met my fair share of not so amazing Australians… I also got told, many times that my English is amazing during my Melbourne stint.

      1. I was just on a gap year, going on about some artistic, cultural adventure. It was my first time out of Singapore. So was pretty much a culture shock the first month.

      2. No offence to all Australians, I’ve met some really great Australian friends who are so down to earth and warm but I find a lot of them to be a whinging bunch, especially those yuppie kind who live here in Singapore.

      3. hey Sophie. It’s interesting how perceptions work. You and I may have a certain view of Australians and there are those who don’t share our views. There are lovers and haters and on-the-fencers for people of any nationality. One man’s meat is another man’s poison…

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