A year of learning

This year has been painful. I have been assulted with lessons. Amongst which are:

  • Self worth should not be tied to any thing e.g. work, job, looks, hobbies, friends, family, money, etc. Else when that thing shifts, or changes, you are a goner.
  • Things often don’t go accordingly to what you have planned. Sometimes life throws you a spanner, a good friend, sickness, an accident, a job opportunity. The good and the bad.
  • Fear of the unknown. Or worry over the future. What if I quit this fucking job and I end up without a source of income for the rest of my life? What if I go for this meetup group and can’t find anyone to talk to? What if I remain as an accountant for the rest of my life and thereafter hate myself for being a failure.
  • The more you want to hold on to something, the more it eludes you sometimes. The old adage “if it’s yours, it’s your” may apply here.
  • Focus is critical to achieving goals if you have any. Don’t get sidetracked. Ask yourself if what you have done today brings you a step closer to your goals. If no, it’s time to do something.
  • Being in love transforms how you see the world and your life. But be cautious of point one above.
  • I have met chinese from China that I sincerely enjoy their company and conversations.

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