Crazy travel

Another quick post on my travels:

  • Started drinking (beer) since morning to evening with Mexicans for 2 days straight.
  • Being offered drugs – cocaine and weed.
  • Mexicans taking cocaine as a normal affair. The elderly too. Though some (Mexicans) prefer weed.
  • Being stopped by the police on the way home in a car in the town of Coyuca. They did a search for drugs and subject me and my three Mexican friends to numerous questions, separately. And to top it off, I didn’t bring a copy of my passport but showed them my Bermudian driving licence instead. They asked where is Singapore and why is it not part of Japan or Korea? I adopted Joseph as my English name and they questioned why I used the name when it is not official? According to my Mexican friends, (the use of non-official names) is illegal.
  • A Mexican purchasing 10 bags of cocaine for enjoyment.
  • Being told that I am going to Acapulco, a city popular for its beaches, for a few hours, which ended up an overnight affair with me sleeping on the couch outside the hotel room (as I didn’t want to fit onto one bed with two other folks)
  • Walking back to the hotel out of anger and stupidity at 1.30am which took 45 minutes. And losing my way in the midst of it.
  • Drinking and eating coconuts fresh from farms
  • Hanging out in farms where there’s horses, goats, chickens, dogs, fish and a turtle in a river, coconut trees, trees, etc
  • Twins being kicked out of home for excessive drinking and skipping school.
  • Mexicans love hanging out with friends and family for extensive period
  • Concept of money is very different for Mexicans – wealth or whatever of it is shared extensively
  • Supposed to be on the way home. The driver invited a seniorita for a tour which lasted 2-3 hours. Started drinking since morning till late afternoon in the car. Ate some oysters along the way which was purchased from this oyster driver.
  • Peeing anywhere and everywhere.

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