Season´s Greeting to All

My friend, I wish you and your family
– health (both physical and mental),
– money (to cover both basic, extended and luxurious needs and wants), and
– love (from family, partners, friends and Gods)

(Incidentally, I learnt of the above three positive conditions – health, money and love from my travels to Guatemala many years ago. In Guatemala, when one sneezes a sneeze, another wishes him “health”. When one sneezes two sneezes consecutively, one wishes him “money”. When one sneezes three sneezes consecutively, he would be wished “love”. And when a poor fellow sneezes more than three sneezes consecutively, it is time to go to the hospital).

And in my desperate attempt to make this season greeting different and socially unacceptable (e.g. a socially acceptable greeting message would be “I wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!”), here are some random messages of mine that jump out of my mind now:
– Live the life you want!
– Live life on the edge!
– When you are old and flaky, you will be regretting over the things that you did not do, rather than those that you have done. (side note: I do not have the wisdom of old age, yet, to comment on the validity of this statement).
– Live in the moment! And enjoy it!
– Design your ideal life and live it! Step by step! If you have failed, at least you have tried!
– Lets get rid of the non-essentials in our lives and focus on the essentials!
– Your effort and will changes your destiny and your fate! Even though it might be difficult. But nobody says it is easy!

Okay. And can you please do me a favour? Please contact me once in a while to check on me – to check that I am alive and to share with me some (tiny) bits of your life. You are in my thoughts, even if it does not appear to be so… (remember that appearances are deceiving)!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Hohoho!


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