Feedback on customer service of a bank in Singapore

I received great customer service just now and it prompted me to send the bank a feedback (me writing feedbacks outside of work is rare! So, she has done a really great job!). Here’s it:

I wish to compliment your staff Nur Ilyana for her excellent customer service. There were 2 occasions where I called her. The first involved her reading out every credit card foreign transactions that I incurred for the past month. It was difficult as the transactions were with Spanish merchants. Nur did her very best and was calm, patient and very professional. In addition, she took the initiative to reach out to me should my online transaction were to fail again.

Today, she attended to me again and I recognised her voice. She was able to suggest a solution to me given my situation. She is clearly a staff who uses her intellect and resourcefulness to create solutions for customers.

The reason why I am compelled to write this feedback is because Nur exceeded my expectations given the numerous poor customer service provided by staff from a certain Asian country that I have experienced. Clearly, DBS should look into hiring of more Singaporeans despite their higher cost, if higher at all, given their better attitude towards customer service.


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