Memories of Bermuda

  • Meeting Mark for the first time in office and being his housemate.
  • Having steamboat at my place at North Shore Road. Peggy entertaining everyone with her lovely singing and guitar playing. Someone breaking a chair and everyone refrained from bursting into laughter… (that was really awkward guys!). Owen and someone else wanted to pay to join BCA (great marketing Alan and company!)
  • Having a midnight senerade under the stars with M&P
  • Watching Michael Jackson the movie with M&P and no one said anything about how interesting it was!
  • Was invited for fried rice and a movie with M&P. Went to the bathroom and looked at the both of them suspiciously when I came out. They later confessed to nothing.
  • Getting scooter rides from Xinyi and Mark.
  • BCA going to Whistler and Vancover! Kellyn and everyone getting irritated at my incesant humming which was admittedly very irritating! And the lovely Christmas dinner at Mark’s place. Me shopping for sweat pants with M&P.
  • Men of BCA going to Yosemite by Green Tortortise tour! Alan charming everyone on the bus!
  • Was at this club in San Francisco with Mark. Left this girl with “here’s your keys. Bye”. Not proud of this on hindsight.
  • Playing tag with BCA at the Tom Moore’s forest coast! JJ innocently tagged Peggy who fell into the water!
  • BCA playing tag at this carpark while waiting for our hangover burgers and fries which was sold by this burger van.
  • Being stung by a man o’war. Called Mark on what to do – he replied “Let me google and call you back”. Him bringing vinegar and Stella and Matt driving me home (they were taking a nap when I first called them).
  • Cave explorations with BSA – I remembered the goodies bought by Kellyn! – Stella and James cheering me up all the time – When Stella and James left, Kelly cheering me up all the time – Stella who got BSA to celebrate my birthday with me. Thanks Stella
  • “Lao yu sheng” with Alan’s very yummy yu sheng – Buenos dias with my neighbour at work – Smoking breaks with JJ – Lunches with Kelly – Friday evenings and nights at PO, ?, the sushi place, etc
  • Talking to Kellyn online – Puking at practically every bar and dashing off after that
  • Meeting Ann and Ken at Chicago at Chinatown for dim sum and wine at their hotel
  • Karaoke with BSA at James’s place – My wonderful BSA (BCA, don’t be jealous) – Stella and Matt, Kelly, James, Patrick and Michelle, who else have I missed? I wouldn’t have survived in Bermuda without you.
  • And of course my wonderful BCA (BSA, don’t be jealous) members – The few parties with my batch mates
  • Swimming in this cave in Tom Moore’s jungle. So serene so peaceful.
  • Roy, my sister, Siew Ying and Leah visiting me in Bermuda.

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