What I have learnt

I hosted this lovely Mexican girl from the city Puebla for the past 3 days. Besides practising my rusty Spanish with her which was very helpful for me, I learnt some stuff from her:

– We were at the St. Patrick Day parade. Waiting by the fence which logically doesn’t offer much vantage view. She suggested that we moved to somewhere else. I didn’t want to as I thought the place that we have is pretty cool. Well, we could have ended up with a worse vantage view of the parade when we moved from our location. But if you want the possibility of better things to happen to you, you have to give up something and move on. And trust in the universe.

– When we were in a club, I was attracted to the look on her face when she was dancing. And I realised that she was enjoying the music. She was living in the moment, savouring every moment of it. Perhaps the moment / present is the only time we have got. Let’s live it. Moment by moment.


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