If I should die… instructions for my funeral

Hi sister. My funeral. Here’s how I would like my funeral to be. But I think you will be very sad. So, I will email these instructions to a few of my close friends so that they can help you in arranging the funeral.

Music that I want to be played in my funeral

Arvo Part – Spiegel Im Spiegel
Sigur Ros – Ara Batur

Quotes / main message to be shared

(to be considered and updated another time – hopefully! Just in case, I don’t get to it, sister, please read the quotes that’s on the Quotes tab in this blog)

I would like to encourage everyone to pursue their dreams. Like what we have been talking about, life is short, we should do our best to be happy (although that’s a fleeting feeling). Perhaps, encourage everyone to live a life that is meaningful to them.


The idea is for the funeral host to have it at his/her place. And to do a webcast of it. Webcast as most of my good / close friends will not be in Singapore, I reckon.

People that I would like to inform of my death

I would have given you my facebook login details. Post a post to inform everyone that I have gone from this world.

Definitely inform the following people. They may not care. But it’s okay as long as I care for them!

  • 4E1 classmates in my secondary school especially Liang Jian and Xinyi Ng
  • People in the Bermuda Chinese Association (“BCA”) especially Mark Wong and Peggy Yang
  • People in the Bermuda Singapore Association (“BSA”) especially Stella Ong, Kelly Ong and James Liu
  • Roy Foo
  • Jason Ling
  • Yit Yuen Chong
  • Joyce Liow
  • Adrian Tan
  • Jeffrey Loy
  • Maylin
  • Marco Vera


Please have all attendees donate at least a dollar. Perhaps, they can do it using Paypal (although they apparently take a commission on it!). Gather the money and donate it to a charity. You might not gather much money from them. But that’s okay. It’s the thoughts that count right?

Cremation or burial?

Definitely cremation. The body doesn’t matter once we are dead. Never mind what the Egyptians say – they are a bunch of hogwash. It doesn’t matter if you want to scatter my ashes into the sea or wind like what they do in the movies. The ashes are just organic material. Nothing more. And yes, I still identify myself as Christian even though I go to Church once/twice a year (though I went to Church very often when I was in Mexico City!)


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