Musings on energy leaks

In Dublin, I am contented. At peace with myself. I feel filled with energy. Not the energy leak that I was experiencing in Sydney, Australia. Energy leak, something that I coined myself, refers to this constant feeling of tiredness, lethargy which you can’t attribute to anything in specific. You turn in earlier and wake up later, thinking that insufficient sleep is the source of the problem. No, you wake up feeling shit. Even without alcohol the previous night. You exercise and eat healthier. But, nothing seems to solve that issue of constant tiredness. Perhaps, it’s time for a medical checkup? Perhaps. But, just assume that you are 100% healthy, at least physically.

Here in Dublin, I feel that I’m sustained by a certain energy, a certain life force. Here’s when it may become bizarre to you – I was tossing on the bed one evening. I switched on my computer and googled for “energy grounding tired” or some words like that. I came upon the Indian chakra system. Bwam! Bingo! The chakra system helped to answer what I have been going through practically half my life – feeling drained (which is very possibly due to the crazy working hours that I worked previously). The way I understand it, chakras are energy points in the non-physical body. Of the various chakras, seven of them are the most important. And la de da. It’s best to read up on the chakra system if you are interested.

Anyhow, I found this questionnaire on chakras online and did it. My first four chakras were all underactive. The symptoms of underactive chakras described me to a T – which I don’t think is a mere coincidence. To balance each (underactive and overactive) chakra, you can mediate with your hands in a certain position and with a certain sound. Which is slightly too much for me, this “new” age hoodoo stuff (no offence meant). Anyway, I read that physical activity which includes exercising, dancing, yoga, etc is great for balancing the first or the root chakra. And apparently crystal therapy is good for balancing the root chakra as well. So guess what I did – I bought myself a garnet ring (garnet is a crystal/stone which is apparently good for the root chakra) and started doing yoga (I chose this over swimming as I felt terribly inflexible one day although I must really go for swimming once I establish a routine for doing yoga every morning. Ashtanga yoga makes a difference to me. After a month of Ashtanga yoga, I am already feeling that my posture has improved, my general energy level has increased, etc. Although it’s strange. my spine feels itchy after each good session of yoga … I hope I haven’t injured my spine or anything like that. Inshallah).

Here’s the link to the chakra questionnaire if you are keen to give it a go.


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