On friends

I had been hosting couchsurfers over the past two months. They stayed over at my place ranging from one to three nights. I enjoyed their company. I think I got onto this in my endeavour to make friends in Ireland since I am on my own here.

Hosting couchsurfers (like-minded people who have a passion for travelling) has stopped though. I decide not to host people any more. To stop having one night friendships (“ONF” – definitely not what you are thinking – although ONF can be the new synonomous abbreviation of ONS). They are fun but not fulfilling in the long term. Just like one night stands…? They still leave me without friends to hang out with in Ireland.

The concept of a ONF is not foreign. Think the phase “single serving friend” was used in the movie Fight Club. So, there you go. Any ONF for you today?


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