March ahead, Irish warrior

Brazil suffered severe humiliation when it lost to Germany. And to Netherlands. Brazil has been the World Cup champion historically (total of 5 wins historically, followed by Italy of 4 wins, then Germany of 3 wins). Even the champion meets its downfall, never mind that it is something that they have not expected. I read that Germany restructured its team after its loss during the 2006 World Cup. The point is Germany acknowledged its failure and did something about it. They bounced back. They did not concede defeat and continued to train hard and fight back.

Same as Thomas Edison. He failed umpteen times, 10,000 times to be precise (now, is that rounded up or down?) in the invention of the light bulb. Did he give up? No, he continued and persevered.

Did Germany and Edison say “I am no good at this. It is time for me to quit. To give up. I will never be good at this.” No, they didn’t. I think they didn’t give themselves a chance to turn back and do something else. Their eyes must be firmly fixed on the goal (pun intended) and the only way forward is towards the goal. No turning back. Burning one’s bridges. Burning one’s boats. The only way is ahead. Forward. March ahead, Irish warrior. Fix your eyes on your prize. Fight.


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