Quick post

1. An interesting Venn diagram from this web article.

Venn diagram for relationships
Venn diagram for relationships

2. I wanted to try butter with my microwaved baked beans. I reached for the tub of butter in my fridge and found mould in it! I purchased the butter just perhaps 2 or 3 weeks ago. Mould is absolutely  unacceptable. It got me thinking. There is something wrong about the fridge. Ah! It’s not cold enough! I found the thermostat and did some tweaking. Good gracious! The fridge is finally “cold” for the first time since I moved into this studio. Stupid me! 😉

3. I was in Cork City for the long weekend. They had the gay pride parade on Sunday. Lots of festivities taking place!

20140803_145930 20140803_150137  


4. Here’s something interesting!



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