Irish worry stone

My real sister and I were at a souvenir store at the Temple Bar. While queuing up for the cashier, she was looking at the trinkets that was placed on the long counter. She was looking at this Irish worry stone that is made from Connemera marble that supposedly removes one’s worries and brings luck by rubbing one’s thumb against an indentation on the thin slab of marble. She asked what the stone is about. I explained to her what I knew and said that I saw it in Belfast as well. She bought the stone to my surprise. I thought that she meant it for one of her friends.

When we reached home, she started to pack the souvenirs that she purchased into her luggage. Unexpectedly, she handed me the worry stone. I was surprised that she actually bought it for me! The touristy looking stone cost 3.99 eur which for her is a big deal as she is very conservative with money (barring food expenses! and the bag that she purchased today!). My little sister bought me a worry stone as she saw how worried I am over the future of my job in Ireland. Bless her soul. Thanks sis! I love you for your thoughtfulness!


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