Memories with my sis

My sis visited me in Ireland. Lest my memories fade with the cumbersome perks of age, let me list down some highlights of the time we spent together:

  • Her luggage was misplaced by Emirates airline! I had to call the baggage department at Dublin Airport about 6 times to ensure that they deliver her luggage on time, before we head off to Belfast
  • Spending the weekend with her in Belfast. She loved the Botanic Gardens, has a lukewarm reception towards the museum, loved the Giant Causeway, found the lunch nothing special, spent the evening in the hostel sleeping (while I ventured out and went to the Empire Music Hall for rock music on the first night).
  • She went to Galway – joined the Cliffs of Moher and Aran Islands combined tour on the first day and to the Connemera tour on the second day. She had dinner with 2 Spanish women who are nurses. They used to work in the same hospital but stopped contacting each other after each found their love. Their friendship rekindled when they separated from their partners. My sis mentioned about how much these 2 women enjoyed life – from their ordering of a bottle of wine for dinner to others
  • She enjoyed the Botanic Garden in Dublin, not so much of Dun Laoghaire, Dalkey, the National Gallery, Dublin Castle, etc.
  • She went to the museum of modern arts with this 40 year old lady who was queuing for a ticket to the Kilmainham Gaol behind her. My sis enjoyed conversations with this woman.
  • Sis said to me “You can do whatever you want as long as you contribute towards mum’s medical expenses if they are incurred” – that shut me up.
  • See my earlier post on Connemera stone
  • Stopped at one of the streets in the Temple Bar and listened to a duo (drums and guitar) and watched strangers try to ride this wonky bicycle across a map to win 30 quids.
  • Having lunch with her at Yamamori, which she claimed that it was closed on the two days that she went for lunch – it turned out that she went to a dysfunct Yamamori location.
  • Introducing her to shopping at Pennys…
  • Explaining to her the concept of “What floats your boats” differs for everyone else.

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