Today is the day where …

Today is the day where I:

  • Finally figured out how to use the bike pump that I purchased more than a month ago. It feels so good when it is hard. The bike tyre.
  • Cycled to Ikea from my place which is about 12 km away and it is uphill on the way to Ikea.
  • Had the Ikea experience which included buying more stuff (hopefully useful) than I originally intended to and had a hotdog and a soft serve ice-cream. The soft serve ice-cream machine is AMAZING. You pop the cone in the holder and the holder goes up, up and away and the machine pops the ice-cream into the cone PERFECTLY, topped with chocolate and strawberry sauce. It is CLASS.

I don’t think I’m going to cycle to Ikea again… not any time soon anyway. 😉


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