• Interests:
  • Reading. I totally dig fantasy books. You know, those with dragons, magic, wizards, mages, witches, spells, etc. I used to read a lot more in the past. But I suspect with age and work, I became too impatient to read anymore. Was reading the third/fourth book in the Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan (his pen name)
  • (Solo) Backpacking. It’s utterly cool to be travelling. I feel in control of my life. You really live because you think, you observe, you interact. And sometimes, magical things happen to you. Like a kind stranger on the street. Hmmm. a bit of too much romanticising going on over there.
  • Playing and teaching the piano. I’m only basic at it. Used to take piano examinations and it tortures me when I practise. Now, I enjoy the touch of my fingers on the keys and creating sounds. It’s actually a wonderful thing. Creating a sound, creating music. It’s very alive. Kinda cool converting kinetic energy to sound energy, eh?
  • Music. I still like western classical music (particularly Bach, Beethoven, Bartok, Schubert, etc). Very stimulating and tranquilizing depending on what you listen to. Oh, the running notes in quick passages thrill the ears as well. All time favourite is Rachmaninoff’s 2nd piano concerto. And, I like indie folk music as well. It’s free, creative, original and what have you. 2 albums that I dig are the sound track of the movie One Week and Illinois by Sufjan Stevens. As for other genre of music, they are cool too.
  • Personality: INTJ
  • Favourite movies: Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Lars and the Real Girl, etc

That I recall, when mentioning that I was working with you, some people went “Oh. He’s odd isn’t he.” Something along those lines. I looked at them and said nothing. I thought you were quirky and a breath of fresh air. – Pep, June 22, 2013


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