Memories of Bermuda

  • Meeting Mark for the first time in office and being his housemate.
  • Having steamboat at my place at North Shore Road. Peggy entertaining everyone with her lovely singing and guitar playing. Someone breaking a chair and everyone refrained from bursting into laughter… (that was really awkward guys!). Owen and someone else wanted to pay to join BCA (great marketing Alan and company!)
  • Having a midnight senerade under the stars with M&P
  • Watching Michael Jackson the movie with M&P and no one said anything about how interesting it was!
  • Was invited for fried rice and a movie with M&P. Went to the bathroom and looked at the both of them suspiciously when I came out. They later confessed to nothing.
  • Getting scooter rides from Xinyi and Mark.
  • BCA going to Whistler and Vancover! Kellyn and everyone getting irritated at my incesant humming which was admittedly very irritating! And the lovely Christmas dinner at Mark’s place. Me shopping for sweat pants with M&P.
  • Men of BCA going to Yosemite by Green Tortortise tour! Alan charming everyone on the bus!
  • Was at this club in San Francisco with Mark. Left this girl with “here’s your keys. Bye”. Not proud of this on hindsight.
  • Playing tag with BCA at the Tom Moore’s forest coast! JJ innocently tagged Peggy who fell into the water!
  • BCA playing tag at this carpark while waiting for our hangover burgers and fries which was sold by this burger van.
  • Being stung by a man o’war. Called Mark on what to do – he replied “Let me google and call you back”. Him bringing vinegar and Stella and Matt driving me home (they were taking a nap when I first called them).
  • Cave explorations with BSA – I remembered the goodies bought by Kellyn! – Stella and James cheering me up all the time – When Stella and James left, Kelly cheering me up all the time – Stella who got BSA to celebrate my birthday with me. Thanks Stella
  • “Lao yu sheng” with Alan’s very yummy yu sheng – Buenos dias with my neighbour at work – Smoking breaks with JJ – Lunches with Kelly – Friday evenings and nights at PO, ?, the sushi place, etc
  • Talking to Kellyn online – Puking at practically every bar and dashing off after that
  • Meeting Ann and Ken at Chicago at Chinatown for dim sum and wine at their hotel
  • Karaoke with BSA at James’s place – My wonderful BSA (BCA, don’t be jealous) – Stella and Matt, Kelly, James, Patrick and Michelle, who else have I missed? I wouldn’t have survived in Bermuda without you.
  • And of course my wonderful BCA (BSA, don’t be jealous) members – The few parties with my batch mates
  • Swimming in this cave in Tom Moore’s jungle. So serene so peaceful.
  • Roy, my sister, Siew Ying and Leah visiting me in Bermuda.

Life back on the island (published on Jun 18, 2012)

June 15, 2012 Friday

One drink at Hamilton Princess with Stella, James and Matthew. Headed to House of India for Indian food after that. There’s a new guy Sean. He owns a boat. Didn’t talk to him much. He’s too far away from me. Definitely didn’t make him feel welcome when most of us were speaking in Mandarin and Singlish. Casually mentioned that I feel like having green tea, after the meal. Stella, who was sitting next to me, said that she has very good green tea at home and whether I want to go over to her place. I agreed and then backed out 30 minutes later when I realized I’m the only one going over to her place. Didn’t feel like a personal one-to-one.

June 16, 2012 Saturday

Got a call from Stella. James was looking for me. Called James and hung out with him after his work. He insisted on getting cheese and wine for the house visit. Talked a bit. Played 2 rounds of Blokus. He won the second time. Watched Game of Thrones season 2, episode 1 and 2. It was not his kind of show. He’s into educational TV/shows e.g. National Geographic. Went to Portfolio to do takeout for dinner. Went to his place.

June 17, 2012 Sunday

Finished the rest of the episodes of Game of Thrones. Didn’t quite understand the show 100%. Excited about Kaleeshe and her dragons. I am so into magic. Started an art film – Undertow. Went over to Stella’s for dinner. Prima’s Laksa and curried vegetables. Pretty good especially the Laksa. Introduced Matthew to How I Met Your Mother. Went home. Finished Undertow.

June 18, 2012 Monday

Listened to Ted talks. Needed excuse/reason to get out of this job and Bermuda. Yes, I’m finding it from others. Talked rubbish with BCA on Whatsapp. Mark and Jason asked if I’m going to the boat. Guess they wanted me there, nevermind how much they wanted it. Might be my last boat trip with BCA. Why not. Boat trip was cool. $40 inclusive of food and (alcoholic) drinks. Ate 3-4 KFC! (hasn’t had them for months since doctor said that I have high cholesterol). Had 3 Tiger Beer. Didn’t go into the water. Didn’t want water into my eyes. Boat sailed to a place with ton of fish. Some guys came up with buckets of bread and threw them into the sea. Colonies of fish snatched and gnashed at them. Sailed to a sweet spot. Vacant hotel rooms on wooden stills. Very picturesque.

Went for ice-cream with BCA. Didn’t like it. It’s too sweet.

Random diary – Feb 19, 2011 (published on May 23, 2011)

Nothing much happened this week.

Yesterday was Friday. Went for dinner with Hemanth. He’s an actuary with E&Y. Went to the USA to study since he was 20 years old. Is married and his wife is pregnant. Their baby girl, Isha, is expected to come to this world on Mar 7, 2011! It’s their first baby. Hemanth will be away for a month or so. He’s kinda of my buddy in the office, in addition to Mark.

After dinner, I stayed in the office. Was bored and watched Kung Fu Hustle by Stephen Chow. Was watching it for a few minutes or so when this new hire, Cobus, who is on an audit engagement with me. He looked very happy. Clearly drunk or near drunken state. I said you are drinking this? This is for girls! He put one of his hands on my shoulders and said are you saying that I am a girl? I backed out and said nonono. I said the drink (WKD) is very sweet. He smiled at me and said maybe he’s a girl. Drunk. He saw his friends and yelled fuck you at them. Time to slip away. Went to Hemanth’s room (he’s a manager and has his own room). Chatted a bit with him. Talked about politics, and on why USA make monetary contributions to Egypt despite the poor economic situation of some Americans.

Went back to my cubicle. Continued to watch Kung Fu Hustle. Nevash passed my cube and started talking to me. Talked to me about martial arts, that Westerns reject the idea that certain advanced martial arts practioners are able to levitate in air. He extrapolated that the practice of rejecting ideas as people are not accustomed to them which can be due to the family a person is raised in. He asked me what I think of life. I gave him a slip shot answer, that I take a step at a time in life. Philosophy and discussion on life on a Friday evening is rather heavy given that there’s Stephen Chow waiting for me.

Mark finally arrived. Made some hot cocoa, I found a bag of chips in the office. We headed off to Horseshoe Bay. Met Peggy at the restaurant opposite the beach. Did the necessary – laid a blanket to sit on. Took out food and snacked on them. Talked about all sorts of stuff. Shared some ghost stories – haven’t done that for years. am definitely rusty in that aspect. Lay down, watched the pasting clouds above us. It was almost a full moon. Can understand why some (mice) think that the moon is a big big piece of cheese.

Left the beach at about 1am. Went home. Slept. That ended Friday.

Thoughts on a Friday Morning – Feb 4, 2011 (published on May 23, 2011)

I feel lonely in Bermuda although I’m not alone.

I’m surrounded by lots of people. People who are happy, wants to have fun and want to be friends with me. But I still feel lonely.

Life cease to have meaning. For some reason. No more popo.

I see life as a routine. Wake up, brush teeth, shower, go to work, earn money, read a book, sleep, etc.

When popo was alive, I would tell people that if I were to die the next day, I would die with no regrets as I have already done what I set out to do.

But now, if I were to die the next day, it does not make a difference to me as life seems empty. There is nothing to look forward to. Although I will be concerned about the provisions of my loved ones.

Is what I am experiencing now one of the stages of griefing for a loved one? I guess when my policy with the insurance company is set up, I should talk to a therapist, a counselor.

Stung by a jelly fish (published on May 14, 2011)

Was swimming in deep bay today. Something attacked me when I was in the water. I felt a great stinging pain on my right hand and arm. Swam some more. Pain did not go away, it persisted. Concluded in my mind that I was attacked by a jellyfish. Used my left hand to try to brush away the invisible predator. Did not work. Panicking as I was still far from shore and water is deep (feet could not reach the sea bed). Had to swim towards shore no matter what – survival instinct.

Reached the shore. Panted as I climbed up the stairs to my bike (to access deep bay, one needs to go through a flight of stairs created out of granite boulder). When I reached the top, I sat down on the floor of the nearby busstop for 5 mins before realising that ants were attacking me (there’s no seats at some/most of Bermuda’s busstops). How to treat jellyfish stings? Called Mark. Did not pick up. Called him again. He picked up finally. Explained the situation to him. He called back after a short while and asked whether there’s still any tentacles on my skin/body. I didn’t check and said no (well, I was expecting some huge octopus tentacles and obviously there were none on me). He said that vinegar, baking soda, etc can be applied and he will bring me vinegar. Thank God that I have a friend whom I can call in times of need. Don’t think I can ride home in such “shocked” condition – didn’t want to bend my right leg too much either. Called Stella to see if she and Matt’s at home and whether they could give me a ride home. Stella picked up on the second call and said yes. Her voice always seemed gentle on calls (less so in face-to-face conversations- haha) Thank God I have friends whom I can call in times of need.

Found a tentacle on my right arm when I was done with the calls. Whitish and slimy. Used a cloth that I keep in my bike’s box to get rid of it. Peace reigned. Felt giddy. Rested. Mark arrived. He’s always a cheer. He helped to poured vinegar on affected areas – there’s a intricate pattern (it’s like whip marks, lines comprising blotted dots of raised red flesh) which extends from my right hand to slightly above my right elbow. Some lesions across my right leg and belly. woo. Stella and Matt arrived. They drove me back. Yelled at Ally to keep a lookout for me. Laid down on bed. Couldn’t sleep. Got up to pour more vinegar over affected areas. After an hour or so, pain, shock, numbness subsided.

Survived a jellyfish attack. Thank God.

Here’s the pics:



Update from paradise – Apr 25 2011 (published May 14, 2011)

I worked crazy hours over the Easter holiday. LOL. Went to the beach on Friday morning to afternoon to fly kite. Had a great chat with a South African colleague. His wife offered me hotdogs. Very nice and polite. Ended off at Swizzle Inn for a late lunch/early dinner.

Had a nap till 8pm. Went to work till 12.30am. Then watched a comedy at home on my laptop till 2am. Slept for 2 hours. Was woken up by Marc’s 2 sisters who were talking in the kitchen. Alistair, my housemate, came into my room to borrow my helmet. i was already awaken by then. Am a light sleeper. couldn’t get back to sleep after that. went to office to work for 30mins. Felt sleepy. Slept under my desk!! 🙂 We always joke about curling under our desk and sleeping under it. I just had to try it! woke up at 8.30am. Worked till 1.30pm. Went home for a nap. Worked from 6pm to 1am. slept. Worked from 8.30am to 3.30pm. Took a break. Didn’t really work after that…