Para opcion multiple

De Ti Mari
De Do Pin
Gue Cuca ra
Macara De Titere Fue

Con esto, no hay que estudiar!


Memorias contigo

  • Nos veiamos en un antro
  • Me tomaste mi mano para acompaniarte al cajero para secar lana
  • Nos besamos
  • Nos veiamos el dia siguiente
  • Te espere 3 horas en reforma 222
  • Pasamos tiempo juntos
  • Fuimos el cafe chino “La Pagoda”
  • Fuimos al Coyoacan. Despues nos sentamos afuera del centro de comercial. Me besaste
  • Fuimos al concierto de Reik. Estabas enfermo
  • Nos veiamos el dia siguiente
  • Me presentaste las obras en el MUNA (museo de arte)
  • Me ensenaste la historia de Mexico. Que un parte of estado unidos ahora pertenecia a Mexico antes
  • Fuimos a Corona (?) para tacos, despues La Opera, despues Sanborne y compre un cigar, matamos un cucaracha y le poniste en el camino
  • Fuimos a Oaxaco juntos.
  • Te vi un dia de tu trabajo
  • Los veces que fuimos al cine con palomitas
  • Me llamabas cada noche

Season´s Greeting to All

My friend, I wish you and your family
– health (both physical and mental),
– money (to cover both basic, extended and luxurious needs and wants), and
– love (from family, partners, friends and Gods)

(Incidentally, I learnt of the above three positive conditions – health, money and love from my travels to Guatemala many years ago. In Guatemala, when one sneezes a sneeze, another wishes him “health”. When one sneezes two sneezes consecutively, one wishes him “money”. When one sneezes three sneezes consecutively, he would be wished “love”. And when a poor fellow sneezes more than three sneezes consecutively, it is time to go to the hospital).

And in my desperate attempt to make this season greeting different and socially unacceptable (e.g. a socially acceptable greeting message would be “I wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!”), here are some random messages of mine that jump out of my mind now:
– Live the life you want!
– Live life on the edge!
– When you are old and flaky, you will be regretting over the things that you did not do, rather than those that you have done. (side note: I do not have the wisdom of old age, yet, to comment on the validity of this statement).
– Live in the moment! And enjoy it!
– Design your ideal life and live it! Step by step! If you have failed, at least you have tried!
– Lets get rid of the non-essentials in our lives and focus on the essentials!
– Your effort and will changes your destiny and your fate! Even though it might be difficult. But nobody says it is easy!

Okay. And can you please do me a favour? Please contact me once in a while to check on me – to check that I am alive and to share with me some (tiny) bits of your life. You are in my thoughts, even if it does not appear to be so… (remember that appearances are deceiving)!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Hohoho!

Crazy travel

Another quick post on my travels:

  • Started drinking (beer) since morning to evening with Mexicans for 2 days straight.
  • Being offered drugs – cocaine and weed.
  • Mexicans taking cocaine as a normal affair. The elderly too. Though some (Mexicans) prefer weed.
  • Being stopped by the police on the way home in a car in the town of Coyuca. They did a search for drugs and subject me and my three Mexican friends to numerous questions, separately. And to top it off, I didn’t bring a copy of my passport but showed them my Bermudian driving licence instead. They asked where is Singapore and why is it not part of Japan or Korea? I adopted Joseph as my English name and they questioned why I used the name when it is not official? According to my Mexican friends, (the use of non-official names) is illegal.
  • A Mexican purchasing 10 bags of cocaine for enjoyment.
  • Being told that I am going to Acapulco, a city popular for its beaches, for a few hours, which ended up an overnight affair with me sleeping on the couch outside the hotel room (as I didn’t want to fit onto one bed with two other folks)
  • Walking back to the hotel out of anger and stupidity at 1.30am which took 45 minutes. And losing my way in the midst of it.
  • Drinking and eating coconuts fresh from farms
  • Hanging out in farms where there’s horses, goats, chickens, dogs, fish and a turtle in a river, coconut trees, trees, etc
  • Twins being kicked out of home for excessive drinking and skipping school.
  • Mexicans love hanging out with friends and family for extensive period
  • Concept of money is very different for Mexicans – wealth or whatever of it is shared extensively
  • Supposed to be on the way home. The driver invited a seniorita for a tour which lasted 2-3 hours. Started drinking since morning till late afternoon in the car. Ate some oysters along the way which was purchased from this oyster driver.
  • Peeing anywhere and everywhere.

A Ciegas

Here’s a Spanish song from the Mexican group Reik. I attended their Peligro (Spanish for danger) tour in Mexico City earlier this year. It was a great experience.

Translation follows after the Spanish lyrics.


Nunca imagine
Encontrarme aquí
Despidiéndome de ti
No me digas por favor
Que olvidar será mejor
Vivirás por siempre en mis recuerdos

Pero tiemblo solamente con pensar
Que te tengo que soltar
Que recorreré sin ti la vida

A ciegas, perdido
Se detiene mi respiración
Duele ver que tu futuro
No combina, conmigo
Y no quiere comprender mi corazón

Para que fingir
Si sabes como yo
Que este sueño terminó
Somos fuego que se enfrió
El tiempo nos desvaneció
Y se ha borrado todo lo que fuimos

Pero tiemblas solamente con pensar
Que me tienes que soltar
Que recorrerás sin mí la vida

A ciegas, perdido
Se detiene mi respiración
Duele ver que tu futuro
No combina, conmigo
Y no quiere comprender mi corazón
Bésame una vez más
Y nunca mires atrás

Duele ver que tu futuro
No combina, conmigo
Y no quiere comprender mi corazón
Si vivimos tanto tiempo este amor



I never imagined
find me here
Goodbye to you
Do not tell me please
Better forget
You will live forever in my memories

But I shudder to think only
That I have to drop
They go about life without you

A blind, lost
It stops my breath
It hurts to see your future
It combines with me
And my heart does not understand

To pretend
If you know how I
That this dream ended
We cooled fire
Time will vanished
And has deleted everything that went

But tremble only to think
I have to let go
Let me go over without life


Kiss me again
And never look back

It hurts to see your future
Not combined with me
And my heart does not understand
If we live that long this love

You know you have been mexicanised when…

You know you have been mexicanised when…
1) you start indicating agreement with people by wriggling your index finger at them
2) you drink whisky in the morning hoping that it will get rid of a sore throat like mezcal (they are both alcohol)
3) when life seems hard, you continue smile and live life nevertheless.

Tu sabes que te conviertiste un mexicano cuando …
1) mover tu dedo indice para indicar de acuerdo
2) tomar whisky por la maniana para quitar el dolor de la garanta como mezcal
3) sonreir y vivir aunque la vida pueda ser duro. Les extranios mexicanos