11/06/06 Sunday, on my bed in Backpacker Cave (published on August 11, 2006)

The man in the lounge is scary. He reacts so slowly when Sami asked for futbol. He rem inds me of the butchers in 黑店. Why is this penysion empty? Business could be bad. Ah. Earning a living in Turkey and Poland is difficult. I am honestly glad that I live in Singapore.

Arrived at Cappadocia at 7am. A young man directed us to follow him while Clarence was in the toilet. We retrieved our luggage and followed the man into an office. To my surprise, Clarence was talking to another man in the office. The moral of the story: the young man wanted us to remain in the office for 15 minutes so that we will miss our free ferry service while he promotes his tour packages to us.


10/06/06 Saturday, on the bus to Cappadocia (published on August 11, 2006)

Went to an internet cafe today. Paid 1 YTR for 1.5 hours of internet usuage. Hooo. That was cheap. The fuck-up thing was that I wasn’t able to access my NTU studentlink – couldn’t check my examination results. Sigh. Honestly and sincerely, I had hope for 2 As, am I expecting too much?

3 Bs of a woman: brains, boobs and butts.

Went to a beach. Was populated with locals. Saw three Japaneses playing beach ball. A woman bounced the ball on her boy-friend’s butt. Hmmm. The man’s butt was super bouncy. Ha. Flawed logic. Took the free “train” service up to the checkpoint. There was this boy, presumbly about 12-13 years old who looked really cool. He had golden pelo, wore a silver earring on his left ear. Hooo! Wondered if I can pull it off. I will definitely bleach my hair when I get back to Singapore. Want to look cool! Haha.

08/06/06 Thursday, after my morning walk to the Marina (published on August 9, 2006)

Would love to own a yatch in the future. Saw a man sleeping in one. Is he the owner? The wonderous feeling and experience of being out in the sea, with vast spread of blue water. With diamonds dancing acrossing the horizon when the sun is awakened (reminds me of the ferry boat rides). Who could resist the temptation to savour moments like these?


Told myself that since I am good with words (or rather, words have a special significance for me), I shall brainwash myself with words. For instance, I am (to be continued)…


Read in a book that to be a people-oriented person, I must (shit!) delight in being interested in people. Hmm, actually it should be “be interested in people.” How, how can I be interested in people? Sudden revelation. “Love your neighbour as yourself.” Who says Christianity is not a practical religion? Shucks. Honestly, as you should have known by now, I have difficulty in loving this unloveable myself. So, how can I love others as myself?

Hmmm. What does the bible say about loving oneself? …

06/06/06 Tuesday at Ideal Pension


The above email belongs to Hussian, which means “nice”. Well, he’s a nice person, an accountant, same age as me, humourous as usual (as in, possess the typical turkish humour). Oh yeah, I had always wanted to say: I am absolutely, definitely glad that there’s a language barrier between me and the turkish people. The presence of language barrier justify any silence between myself and the türks.

P.S.: Rather happy when Hussian said that “you will be successful.”

01/06/06 Thursday (published on August 9, 2006)


Money seeps away rapidly. There’s literally a hole in my pocket (jeans) and a hole in my wallet and that hole is expanding with each new day.


Shit. Should try hitchhiking. It’s really amazing that the Brazilian girl hitch rides from Brasil to Turkey by herself – truly a woman of guts. She looked like an introvert to me. Liked the ring on her nose.



Indeed, everyday is an interesting day. Yana’s foot was kissed by seaa urchins! As the Chinese saying goes “打是疼, 骂是爱”. Haha, the sea urchins must hav e loved Yana tremendously! A love so deep that it remains embedded in the flesh. So deep that only pain itself can remove these traces of love.


What was inspiring was Yana’s sunny disposition during and after her sugical operation. Smiles and jokes truly work wonders.

31/05/06 Pamukkale Trip (published Aug 9, 2006)

Went to Pamukkale (pamuk: cotton, kale: castle) on Monday. Went up the limestone hills. Was a wonderful experience. Wanted to soak in the mineral rich water on the way down – didn’t do it eventually. Travelling in a group has its perks and cons.


Visited some ruins. Was damn tired, exhausted trekking through the less treaded path. Wanted to rest for 30 minutes or so, but with Sami around, a commander I must be.


Would have loved to visit the tombs, but hey, the walk is deli (crazy). Highlight of the trip was this conversation with a Türk from Buca. He’s a researcher and certainly an interesting fellow. Our personalities are definitely in syn. He gave me a few lessons in organic chemistry. Would love to visit him one day.


İbrahim: loves fishing – which is a rest for his mind; listens to pop, rock, metal music while travelling – makes him feels alive.