Stung by a bee!

From the travel annals of Joseph, when he was in Edinburgh during the Fringe Festival 2014:

Clutching at my nipple as I was stung by a bee / wasp on the street. Attracted onlookers’ attention. Am sipping a scotch quietly now. Hoping that the pain goes away.

And the hilarious response from a friend, Richard Chung:

Stung at the nipple requires more than scotch. I suggest some mophine as well. I guess the wasp must had thought that nipple of yours was a flower bud or honeycomb.


Trip to Scotland


  • Went for a guided tour of the Glasgow school of Art. Lily is the student who gave me the tour tour. She is from Hungary and is studying painting/screens in Glasgow. She has a dog and cat who lick each other’s ears often. She has a sarcastic sense of humour. Her dad used to travel to Singapore to work extensively. We got along well fantastically. I love her. Her Italian friend once said to her “Glasgow is like a zoo. The women are like elephants. How can I possibly bring an elephant back to see my mum?”
  • Concept of delegation was reinforced in my mind. The importance of it.
  • I like the McKintosh House and the Hunterian Gallery in the university of Glasgow. Returned to them the next day.
  • There are construction works in the University of Glasgow which are surrounded by walls printed with headshots of students and staff of the university and of famous people, along with their take on how they are going to change the world. How do I want to change the world? I want to improve and maintain mobility in the elderly. I want to help people to look and feel young (sounds like the elixir of life doesn’t it).
  • I went for this Indie music night at this bar/venue called Nice and Sleazy. Entrance fee goes towards funding for Gaza. Three hours of indie music which was awesome. Three bands – the first one is an acoustic duo, second a rock band and the third a big band/swing style band.
  • After the indie evening, I headed to a Speakeasy bar. When I entered it, there were two ways to go, the left and the right. Sensing my confusion, the bouncer asked “Is this your first time here? Do you know that this is a gay bar?” “Yes” “You want to enter to the left then.” Some lads were singing karaoke. Otherwise, everyone were crowding at the bar counter. Went out for a fag. A woman asked me whether I would mind her lighting up her joint on my lit fag. We started a conversation. “Are you from Ireland as well?” “Well, I work in Ireland but am from Singapore.” She lived in Canada for some time. Hence, her neutral accent. She asked “Are you on the downstairs or upstairs?” “I’m not sure. What’s that about?” “I think you are on downstairs” “It’s a fetish club upstairs”. “Hmm. Interesting. Tell me more.” “Well, you have your fetishes acted out. But it’s pretty mild here.” “Okay, so what’s your fetish?” “Whipping”. In my mind, I was wondering about the difference between whipping and spanking. She said “That’s why I wear this skirt.” and she made a motion of pulling up her long black shirt from her knees to her hips. She made a phone call. She said that her boyfriend is not picking up her call. What should she do? I said do what makes you happy. And gave her a smile. Round 2 of whipping?
  • A Chinese/Asian woman at the back of a cab waving to me and saying hi to me excitedly.
  • Meeting of Joseph, a French and Italian teacher who’s into classical music. Season ticket owner of SCO – Scottish Chamber Orchestra. Brought a bunch of kids to China. Chosen by a certain political party in China.
  • Went to Loch Lomond. Beautiful. 


  • Ran 1.5 hours in a “park” which turned out to be mountains/tall hills in the rain. Kept going in circles.
  • Missed my first play as I was late by 5 minutes.
  • Was earlier by at least 10 minutes for all other plays.
  • Paid play that I enjoyed most was Potted Sherlocks.
  • “Free” play that I enjoyed most was Man Enough.
  • Edinburgh is a beautiful city.
  • Entered into a debauchery of watching theatre / comedies and drinking.
  • Didn’t meet anyone interesting. Except
    • there was this little Australian girl who studied one semester in Italy and in Germany respectively. She’s from somewhere near Brisbane and she said that she loves Sydney. I said that my Australian housemate from Brisbane said that Sydney vacuous. She gave me a blank look. Was it her vocabulary or she is shocked that someone is badmouthing her favourite city. Sensed a bit of snob in her. This air of superiority. She’s like what 20 years old or less than that. What has she to feel superior about? Shakes head.
    • This pair of sisters from somewhere near DC, USA. Very bubbly. Made polite conversations. Their parents taught them well.

Questions that pop into my mind during this trip:

  • The study of ageing. What can be done to reverse it?
  • Mobility in the elderly. What cause them not to be able to walk like a young person?
  • What causes the elderly to fall down easily? What can be done? And why are these treatment programmes implemented?