Season´s Greeting to All

My friend, I wish you and your family
– health (both physical and mental),
– money (to cover both basic, extended and luxurious needs and wants), and
– love (from family, partners, friends and Gods)

(Incidentally, I learnt of the above three positive conditions – health, money and love from my travels to Guatemala many years ago. In Guatemala, when one sneezes a sneeze, another wishes him “health”. When one sneezes two sneezes consecutively, one wishes him “money”. When one sneezes three sneezes consecutively, he would be wished “love”. And when a poor fellow sneezes more than three sneezes consecutively, it is time to go to the hospital).

And in my desperate attempt to make this season greeting different and socially unacceptable (e.g. a socially acceptable greeting message would be “I wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!”), here are some random messages of mine that jump out of my mind now:
– Live the life you want!
– Live life on the edge!
– When you are old and flaky, you will be regretting over the things that you did not do, rather than those that you have done. (side note: I do not have the wisdom of old age, yet, to comment on the validity of this statement).
– Live in the moment! And enjoy it!
– Design your ideal life and live it! Step by step! If you have failed, at least you have tried!
– Lets get rid of the non-essentials in our lives and focus on the essentials!
– Your effort and will changes your destiny and your fate! Even though it might be difficult. But nobody says it is easy!

Okay. And can you please do me a favour? Please contact me once in a while to check on me – to check that I am alive and to share with me some (tiny) bits of your life. You are in my thoughts, even if it does not appear to be so… (remember that appearances are deceiving)!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Hohoho!


I hate you, Sydney

Note: this post contains extreme negativity. Proceed at your own risk.

I fucking hate this fucking bloody place.

Place. Which fucking bloody place?

This fucking bloody place of course.

Which one?

This one. This one that’s called Sydney, Australia.

I choose Australia over Mexico. All in the name of being safe.  I know that I’m not heading back to Singapore (at all). Not even for retirement as I have absolutely nothing to retire on (since I only worked there for 3 years). And if Mexico doesn’t pan out, there’s still Australia who can provide me with health insurance and dole if really need be. That’s the only reason why I chose Australia over Mexico. To be perfectly honest.

I drank last night. And tonight again. This place is fuckingly depressing.

Look on the bright side.

Or look at the poor and hungry in say Ethiopia or Haiti. You are so much better off than them. You have health. There’s no political sanction against you. You are free to practise your religion. What the fuck are your complaining about? You have a 2 months contract job that will be starting. What the fucking fuck are you discontent about? Hasn’t your time in Mexico taught you about living in the present?

Oh yes, I am living in the present. And I am feeling awfully depressed now. Okay, not clinically depressed.

2 years* here and scoot out after that.

2 years…

* Readers, Australian Permanent Residents do not have infinite travel rights to leave Australia and return to Australia as an Australian Permanent Resident (otherwise, I would leave right now and return to Australia when I wish to retire). For every 2 years of living in Australia, you get up to 5 years to travel overseas. This means that once you have lived 2 years in Australia as a PR, you can travel/work overseas for 5 years. On the very last day of the 5 year period, you HAVE to enter Australia. To work/travel overseas, you have to live in Australia for another 2 years. The above is the most straight-forward case. The above does not constitute as advice. As always, consult your migration agent.

A piggy to chase away nightmares

A piggy to chase away nightmares

Okay. I admit that I’m really too old for a night light. Never mind the fact that I am a man. But since that terrible nightmare a few nights ago, I resorted to sleeping with the lights on – which is costly. What is better than a piggy to keep me company through the lonesome nights? – shit – another sign of ageing (just this afternoon, I suddenly thought of keeping a pet for company while I was shopping in Walmart).

What’s happening to me? *Grasps*

I just sneezed nine times in a row!

Did I just qualify for a Guinness World Record or what? Or is it time to go to a hospital? Anyhow, based on my quick Google search, nine times definitely means something bright and rosy is installed for me based on the following from Mama Lisa:

In English there’s a saying about the number of times you sneeze and what it means too. It goes:

Once, a wish,
Twice a kiss,
Three times a letter,
Four times something better.

Here’s an English proverb about the day you sneeze on, and what that means…

If you sneeze on Monday, you sneeze for danger;
Sneeze on Tuesday, you kiss a stranger;
Sneeze on Wednesday, you sneeze for a letter;
Sneeze on a Thursday, for something better;
Sneeze on a Friday, you sneeze for sorrow;
Sneeze on a Saturday, your sweetheart tomorrow;
Sneeze on a Sunday, your safety seek,
The devil will have you the whole of the week.

Here’s a last proverb that tells about what it means if you sneeze at different times of day…

Sneeze before you eat,
See your sweetheart before you sleep.
Sneeze between twelve and one,
Sure sign somebody’ll come.
Sneeze between one and two,
Come to see you.
Sneeze between two and three,
Come to see me.
Sneeze between three and four,
Somebody’s at the door.


The link between emotional and physical well-being

I was talking to my landlord just now. We were on the topic of health. She said that there’s a book written by a doctor which suggests/theortises that diabetes develops within a person as result of unhappiness, particularly resentment (at least that’s what I understood based on my limited Spanish). For those who read Spanish, the book is “La Enfermedad Como Camino” and seems to be available here.

Anyway, there is a connection between emotional and physical health based on the postulations of many self-help books in the market. Logically, that’s seems right too. So, do you have any emotional ailment which you are infected with?

Wait. Emotional ailments. Let’s expound on this idea. Physical illnesses are diverse and varied. Diabetes, heart failure, renal failure, high cholesterol, cancer, just to name some of the more common ones. If there’s such a concept as emotional ailments, what would they be? Say, resentment, unforgiveness, jealousy, low self confidence, hopelessness, pessimism, negativity? What if instead of a traditional doctor who diagnoses you with physical ailments, there’s one who diagnoses you with “Ah, Joseph, you are suffering from hopelessness. Here’s your prescription. Write down three things that you are thankful for each day. Read your list aloud three times each day. Do it for 45 days.”

That’s totally bizarre, isn’t it? But, what if, what if, this concept of emotional health is valid? What have you got to lose anyway*? If you have a case of sore throat, would you ignore it? Perhaps, since it goes away with time, especially if you are a healthy young person. But what if it doesn’t go away on its own, you would want to consult a physician, wouldn’t you? As it’s making you uncomfortable. As in, with a sore throat, you might not be able to enjoy/appreciate certain of your favourite foods. It might also lead to a cough, etc. Likewise, when you are “infected” with say jealousy, it’s kinda affecting your life, making you uncomfortable as well, isn’t it? It probably colours your thoughts, causing you not to be able to enjoy/appreciate as much (compared to when you are not jealous of something). It’s probably also apt that there’s a phrase in Mandarin 心病 which means an ailment of the heart.

So, my friends and readers, is anything of an emotional/non-physical nature ailing you, besides physical sicknesses?

* This reminds of CS Lewis’s Mere Christianity. Though I acknowledge that the link is not that substantial. The following is extracted from Wikipedia on March 8, 2013:

Lewis, arguing that Jesus was claiming to be God, uses logic to advance three possibilities: either he really was God, was deliberately lying, or was not God but thought himself to be (which would make him delusional and likely insane). The book goes on to say that the latter two possibilities are not consistent with Jesus’ character and it was most likely that he was being truthful.


2003 July 1

I am still drifting along in life, not doing anything constructive. Results don’t seem apparent when I practise the piano. Seriously doubt why I thought I can pass the diploma exams in the first place.

At least, today and tomorrow will be more well spent since I will be performing at Kranji Secondary School’s Arts Festival!

I think as teachers, we have to have high expectations of our students. If our students do not produce what we want, we have to ask for it till we get it.


God who gave us life

Lust for Allan Wu. Was really bored and frustrated and hence did it.

For new piano student

Pass diploma. Mum to find you and job. Tai tai to recover, river of life to flow through her.