Here’s some questions that are or were on my mind:

  • If vampires really do exist, would they have a preference for certain blood type?
  • There’s a star sign (astrology) based on the birth date of a person. A natal chart can be built accordingly for that person. Can a natal chart be built for a nation based on its independence / national day? Can a review be done to see if certain events in the chart for a nation have come to pass?
  • What are the best sports / physical activities for the elderly to improve their quality of life? For instance, tai chi has been found to be very beneficial for reducing the falls that the elderly tend to experience in their daily lives. If that’s the case, why don’t more people do tai chi?
  • The concept of food as medicine. How does one implement it? I will be especially keen on using food (including herbs) to prevent / treat diabetes, high blood pressure and dementia.
  • How to use palmistry for health and medicinal purposes.
  • How to construct your own investment portfolio and retire happily ever after.
  • The role of different types of breathing and its effect on physical and mental health.
  • How about testing the empirical validity of Feng Shui by researching on the relationship between Feng Shui aspects of a building and its surroundings and the profits/revenue of the inhabitants of the building?
  • Here’s a money making idea which I’m sure is reinventing the wheel: helping people to lose weight by way of changing the food they consume, though not necessarily accompanied by a change in the quantity of food consumed.

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