Another Day

Yesterday, after having  lunch with my aunties and sister and cousins at the Ship, I wandered in Orchard Road. Went to Borders and didn’t buy anything as most CDs are > $20. I intended to go to Takashimaya’s Kinokuniya but turned back halfway. “If I am not going to buy any books from there, what’s the point in me going?” I suppose if I have had more money or rather abundant money, I can buy anything my family and I and friends like.

Actually, instead of wandering in Orchard Road, I could have gone home and done some constructive stuff. But then what constructive stuff? …

Corrine, Carine and Paul came over in the evening for my “piano workshop”. It’s more like three 1+1 coaching. I think it’s fun teaching students as a group. Asking other students to teach their classmates is a very good idea too.

Received a big envelope yesterday. It contained brochures of various FOC details. So NBS FOC isn’t the only one around.  Good. I’d better join at least one of these camps. I don’t want to end up being a lone ranger when university starts.


You are not a God who takes pleasure in evil, with you the wicked don’t dwell..

Can’t think of any actually. Lord, I’m sorry for any errors I have done unconsciously, intentionally.

Thank you God for my supportive cell group members! I couldn’t have survived without them.

Pray that I will be popular and have lots of friends in NTU (by God’s grace and mercy since I don’t deserve it.

That I pass my piano exam.

That I abstain from all xxx websites.

An Emo Post

I’m crying all of a sudden. I don’t know why. I just feel that everyone is treating me very nicely. Do I deserve it? I seriously don’t think that I do. But, they are still doing so. It makes me so guilty. That I’m like creating problems and troubles for them, but they are still so nice to me. I’m really touched to tears.

Take Benjamin for example, he offered a car ride to take me to the nearest bus stop because it was raining that day. He did it even though he had no prior approval from his mum. I’m really touched by his gesture. T think that he can still offer me such a ride (although it might be a small matter to him) when I keep critising his playing of the piano. I think I discouraged him a lot in his learning of the piano.

Take Ms Lim just now. I wanted to change the paino lesson to another date/time. I guess I must have sounded too apologetic. Then she said “Everyone is doing so – why don’t you do so too?” She’s really a very nice woman. She’s one of the people that I will forever respect and remember.

Sex and Love Making

I want to be a successful person, a leader to be exact. But being the VP of SACO made me realise that I’m still not much of a leader up to now. That is, if compared to Huiyi. Can we objectively say that SACO was successful under her leadership and many members were actually happy at heart? Maybe she has made most people happy if not all. But she’s definitely pretentious, I wouldn’t deny that. I wouldn’t dismiss the possibility that perhaps a leader must possess that quality. I know that with time, I will have come up with my own definition of what a leader entails.

Sex… A taboo subject/topic in Singapore and Asian countries where the societies are generally more conservative than their western counterpart.

I want to clarify something. The difference between sex and making love is represented in the following Venn diagram: [making love is a subset of sex]. Basically, the diagram means that making love is a subset of having sex. Sex invovles penetration of the penis into the vagina (technically of course) while making love does not necessarily mean so. How the technical definition of having sex poses a question for partners of the same gender. Since there are no vagina involved when two guys make love, then can they ever have sex together? Maybe I’m trapped by the boundaries of language. Why should couples have sex but not make love? Incidentally, a question is posed. Does it mean that even after making love to someone of your own gender, you are still a virgin as there’s no penis penetrating into the vagina? Ha! This is a tricky question especially for lesbians. For gays, at least the penis can penetrate the asshole. Incidentally, I ask myself:  is virginity really important? Which brings me to the question: why is virginity important in the first place? Maybe because you are reserving your first time, which is sacred and holy, for your loved one? But isn’t the act of love making sacred and holy too?

Counting My Blessings

I have a loving mother who toils night and day for my sister and I. She gives me a generous monthly allowance when I can and should make do with a lesser amount.

I have a sister who is cheerful and have many friends. She’s living a life and I feel happy for her.

I have a grandmother who never complains of working even at her age. When she should retire. Iinstead, she looked after the kids, cook meals and washes clothings for us. What a great grandmother!

And I have to thank God that I have people who love me, who shower care and concern on me. I feel more complete nowadays.

Truly, I have everything to thank for and let me don’t take things for granted.