Quotes that make sense to me:

About dying

You don’t have to find out that you are dying to start living. – Zach Sobiech

It’s not all about the grades you get, or how cool you are in high school, it’s about doing things that make you happy. – Zach Sobiech‘s girlfriend

What do you want to be remembered as / for?

Most people live with blinders on and they are so  caught up in all the little things that trap you from all that matters.  When all that stuff is kinda washed away, your life gets clean. And you see what really counts and that’s the people you love. – Ann Silberman

This was particularly shocking. We have no cancer history whatsoever in my family. I am young. Healthy. Bike ride a lot. We walked everywhere. It’s like we do everything you are supposed to do, to be healthy, to not be sick, and to not have cancer. – Ryan Woods

About love

Klaus: Victoria is wunderbar, but she is not my “Lebenslanger Schicksalsschatz.” She’s my “Beinahe-Leidenschaftsgegenstand”… it means the thing that is almost the thing that you want, but it’s not quite. That is Victoria to me.

Ted Mosby: How do you know she’s not “Lebenslanger Schicksalsschatz?” Maybe as the years go by she’ll get “Lebenslanger Schicksalsschatz… ier?”
Klaus: “Lebenslanger Schicksalsschatz” is not something that develops over time. It is something that happens instantaneously. It courses through you like the water of a river after a storm, filling you and emptying you all at once. You feel it throughout your body, in your hands, in your heart, in your stomach, in your skin… have you ever felt this way about someone?
Ted Mosby: …I think so.
Klaus: If you have to think about it, you have not felt it.
Ted Mosby: And you’re absolutely sure you’ll find that someday?
Klaus: Of course. Everyone does eventually… you just never know when or where. – How I met your mother, season 8, episode 1

About friendship

We’ve had a good time, and we will always look back on this time of our lives with fondness. I hope the bond will always be there. Same with you. Go make friends, and live in the moment. If someone misses you at the end of it, then you will not have lived in vain. – Pep, June 22, 2013

About staying true to yourself and your dreams

If I fail, at least I will have failed my way. – Jodie Foster

About holding on to the past

Kids, you can’t cling to the past. Because no matter how tightly you hold on, it’s already gone. – How I met your mother, Season 8, episode 23


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